Sunday, September 5, 2010

Surreal never know who you will inspire....

The 2010 OCB Mr/Ms Natural Indiana will be NEXT Saturday at Lutheran High School in Indianapolis.  I encourage everyone to go!

My incredible client Kim Young - who you will hear more about - will be competing there after losing 66 pounds (Yes, you read that correctly - 66 pounds!)...

Kim in July 2010
Kim in January

She will be a guest blogger very shortly... but for now, a short story on how life comes full circle...and it can be a bit surreal...

Okay...I was at posing practice last Friday for Kim.

Afterwards this girl who is a new competitor - and looks incredible - came up to me and asked if I had any advice regarding posing.  I was a little shocked because I have only done one show and don't consider myself an "expert" poser. I consider myself more of "I did what I had to do" kind-of-poser, but I shared what I knew and that was to "own the stage" and have fun.

 That's when this new competitor told me that she had the DVD from the May show and had watched my posing routine about six times to prepare for the show.

Wow...I haven't even watched the DVD with my routine. But that humbled and surprised me.  The May show was a magical night for me.  I hurled myself out of my comfort zone that night, knew I had set a good example for my kids but had no idea I had inspired anyone else. 

Good lesson don't you think? You never know how we inspire or help others.

And it felt great.  To do what I love to do and help others.

But it made me think back was about a year ago when I started this journey...and it was at last year's September show that I watched a competitor named Corina and was inspired because she "owned the stage" and I desperately wanted to do the same.

...I guess I really did.

Ironically, it was Corina who presented me my 1st place trophy in May.  I guess the opportunity to inspire others is a constant circle...and the circle continues...and Kim, the circle continues with you!

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  1. What a great story. I think what you've done is quite amazing. The discipline alone is awe-inspiring!