Thursday, November 11, 2010

Year two, where's the divine intervention?

It's Year Two.

Actually, Year Two of competitive figure training began on October 4.  It's taken me this long to write about it.

The time delay provides more time for...reflection...sure...let's go with that...
Real reason? 

Why am I doing this? Should I be doing it? Is it the right thing to do?  I love it but...

Last year was crystal clear. My motivation was to stop being afraid or caring what other people think but...truly...

...Divine intervention pushed me to the stage.

Yeah...never blogged about that...

In the name of the Blogging Code of Transparency, quick flashback...

Don't freak out, but a year ago I heard voices...well...a voice.  Not the Sixth Sense "I see dead people" creepy type of voice...

 But a supernatural voice none the less that would not shut up for about a month.

Why did I hear this voice? Step back in time a bit more. Last summer there was a break up of a very...ummm...let's call it an "unhealthy" relationship and my confusing professional life. 

I prayed A LOT about what to do.

I expected God to mention a company to get in touch with or give me a sign to go back to school.

Instead I literally heard a voice say "figure competition."

And I literally looked over my shoulder and said "that's stupid" and ignored it.

Single Mom with two kids finding time to work out hours at a time with the end goal of dressing in a bikini and 5" heels with a spray tan. 


I wasn't going to do it. Period.

How the heck was that going to heal a broken heart or help me earn income?

Discussion over. Well, the voice disagreed.

 Have you seen the movie Ghost when Patrick Swanzy's character, Sam Wheat, hounds Whoopie Goldberg's character, Oda may Brown, the psychic, until she agreed to deliver a message to his girlfriend, Molly? 


Well, it was sort of like one sang "I am Henry the 8th I am," all night but the voice was persistent.  Man, I thought I could nag.  It hounded me for the entire month of September until I went to the OCB Bodybuilding Show on September 26

That's when I saw the figure competitors on-stage - fit, confident and just owning it - and I got it. 

The voice was right. You really can't care what people think when you are on stage in a bikini, 5" heels and a spray tan. There was this feeling of peace, the voice left and I was on my way.

Back to Year Two.

 No voice.

But there is a strong desire to be clear why I am doing this.  The drive to compete is no longer just for myself but more broad.  It's more about supporting and motivating others by sharing and being open about the highs and lows of this journey and also sharing the journeys of others. Stay tuned for more of those very soon.

Oh! By they way, the competition did actually heal my broken heart and provide income.

 I'm now dating a wonderful guy now who is not intimidated by my training at all. And now that I am a certified personal trainer, I have earned income.

Gee, this time delay has actually been reflective after all....I need to procrastinate mean..."reflect" more often...

Look for the next entry on Monday, for what will now be called "Motivational Mondays."

Have a good weekend!


  1. Can't wait to read more on Motivational Monday!!!

  2. Can't wait for Monday! Also, I LOVE seeing this side of your writing!

  3. Loved watching you transform last year. Can't wait to see what this year brings!