Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Hops and Parfeits

ok guys...we are leaping further out into the blogosphere...what do you know? It's not flat and I didn't fall off the edge!

So ....

TA DA! I am posting a recipe that I actually created. Now, my brother Ted, the gourmet of the family who practically has a shrine to Emeril is probably doubled over in uncontrollable laughter and disbelief right now... Yes...yes...those who know me know that cooking is a foreign concept to me...something only done to survive ...like carrying a Swiss Army knife or having a AAA membership...

But! This is dessert...technically not cooking...

And I HEART this dessert VERY much - awesome filling treat!! And Donkey knows - parfeits are delicious!!


(Now if my blogger editor was working...I'd have the video...but I am sure you can find it...Oh...if anyone has any tips on how to fix the blogger editor let me know...my keen computer skills (written with mountains of sarcasm) have followed all the steps in the "Help" section with no success...)

No Matter!!! My "Protein Packed Parfeit" is delish!!

Even my teenage daughter said "I want one!" BAM!!

Here are my secret ingredients:

The Recipe:

1 scoop my fav CHOCOLATE Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein*
(other protein powder is ok...this has a much better taste)
1 6 oz container 0% Fat Fage Greek Yogurt
2 Tb Fat-Free Cool Whip
25 grams Blueberries

Here's the break down of my guilt-free treat:

220 calories
36 grams protein
16 grams carbs
1 grams fat
2.5 grams sugar

Enjoy!! And if I Blog Hop correctly, you should be able to find it on the link below.



  1. I bet Shannon would like this! I may have to make it for him!
    Thanks for linking up to Made From Scratch Tuesday!

  2. Well look at the new foodie blogger. Now we just need to get you signed up for my "iron chef challenge" :)

  3. Looks yummy! I will have to try this. Thanks Jeannie!

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