Sunday, April 3, 2011

Motivational Monday: Good Enough Can Be the Enemy

Just got back from vacation. Had great time, sat by the pool and read Dave' Ramsey's The Total money Makeover. Ironic sense I spent WAY more money than I expected...but anyway...he had good info and now that I'm back home I'm ready to apply it.

And just to be clear, no one is paying me to endourse the book.

Anyway, in Chapter 11 Pay Off the Home Mortgage "Be Ultrafit" he had a great story about what happens when running a marathon. I've never run a marathon but apparantly around the 18-mile mark, runners begin to lock up. The body starts to talking to you about stopping.

I thought, the same thing happens when we start to really progress with our training...lose a few pounds and look "pretty good" or-- and if you are over 40 may have heard that we look "good for our age." Don't we all love that "compliment"?'s the point:

If you aren't careful, "The Good Enough" can become the enemy of the "The Best." "Bad" is seldom the enemy of "The Best", but mediocrity with a dose of doubt can keep you from excellence. Finishing well can be more important than starting well.
--Dave Ramsey


  1. Motivational Monday is back! Love, love, love the quote from Mr. Ramsey! Thanks for posting!

  2. I enjoyed the post. Give us more to keep us going. Need the inspiration