Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can't stop eating? Blame your brain

Okay, so it's the first week of January.  I am pretty much back on track, but after Christmas I had a 3-day food bing/hang over. On Christmas I indulged in some wine, my Mom's cherry pie and a yummy breakfast roll with lots of icing!

Really, overall, not a bad pig out for me...could have been MUCH worse!

Problem was,  I couldn't stop there.  The next day, I ate chocolate and almond butter (a new favorite) and candy and general crap.  Thought I was done.


Monday morning, crap consumption continued.

My thought, why can't I stop?  I really only wanted to enjoy Christmas but couldn't get it together.

Found my answer.

I was looking through an old Oxygen magazine. Apparently a study from the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that eating food rich in saturated fat, just once, can impair your ability to feel full for about three days. (wow..what a coincidence)

Heart-healthy fats make you feel full faster.

So next time I'll just eat a tablespoon of my almond butter and a few dark chocolate chips and call it a day.

Oh, one more thing.  I'll be a guest blogger tomorrow on Indiana's Family of Farmers blog.  Hope you check it out - thanks!!

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  1. Thanks, Jeannie for your positive comments! Love reading your blog!