Saturday, January 22, 2011

New "Robo" Shoe

We have upgraded.  The "robo" shoe above is awesome!  I can walk MUCH easier than in my boot and crutches. Although on the latter I did make the mini-marathon from the Senate parking garage to my office in about 40 minutes.  There really should have been water stations because I was sweating!

As I hobbled along, it made me think...this could be an interesting psych experiment or perhaps something for the old show "Punked".

 Most people swiftly jotted passed me desperate to avoid eye contact. However, there were three ladies that stopped to help, (two on the way to the office, another on the way back). They very simply paused, stepped out of their world  and asked, "Can I help you?"  And their assistance was very appreciated! 

So, for those who quickly avoided me, it's ok - you were in a hurry or already late for worries.  But to the anonymous lady who carried my lunch from the Senate garage, Tricia who assisted shortly after that - thank you!  And in the afternoon,  Janice thank you for helping me all the way from Government Center South to my car in the Senate garage. You all were so kind!

And, although I don't like hobbling, in a way, this was a blessing.  They shared their stories and stories of some of the people they helped in their Government jobs (Yes, the government can help) and if I hadn't been hurt I wouldn't have gotten to know them. It was very cool.  Made me think, I need to chat with people more because they are so interesting and not just get to know people when I have to ask for help. (my independent nature makes asking difficult...)

Anyway, Anonymous Lady, Tricia and Janelle - say hi again when I enter with "Robo" shoe. I may not need help but would enjoy continuing our conversations.


  1. Love the boot! So glad that you are able to get around better. Funny how something like this can make us think about things we should be doing more often.

  2. I love American people and their mentality. I'm sure if you would hobble true Amsterdam with your robo shoe they would probably rob you and take your new boot...


  3. LOl and wow! I don't think I'll be visiting Amsterdam anytime soon.